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Fast & Safe Delivery

We pride ourselves in the speed of our deliveries. Get your package delivered to you at the right time and shape.

International Freight Handling

Be it a 50kg item or a metric tonne, we help your items transcend borders.

Ground Shipping

Shipping done right, with shipments available inter states, selected countries only.


Moving a huge item? Want it fast? Then let's cargo it for you.

Customs Clearing

We handle the clearing of goods at various country ports. Leave the customs hustle to us.

Air Freight

Want your goods delivered faster? Then use our Air freights.

Door to Door Delivery

If a pickup won't be convenient for you, then let us deliver your package to your home or office.

Professional Touch

We pride ourselves in the professionalism shown from our board of directors down to our drivers, everyone acts with class.

Always on Time

Deliveries always arrive on or before the specified time.

Tired of slow and unstable deliveries?